Tuesday, 17 May 2011


As a massive fan of Channel 4s award winning TV show Misfits, I basically tripled myself then it was announced that series three was  in production. But I was told today that Robert Sheehan won’t be returning for the third outing! After furiously searching for confirmation of this madness, it has been confirmed that Sheehan won’t be appearing in the third series and will be replaced by some character called Rudi. Casting for this new character is still ongoing. The worst part is that Nathan’s departure and Rudi’s arrival are said expected to be dealt with in short films posted on the E4 website before the third series begins. So they can’t even give Nathan a send off worthy of such a legend. 

So is this it? One of the last bearable things on TV just lost its main appeal, without Nathan the show is destined for failure (unless they've got something genius lined up)

Peace out! 

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