Sunday, 15 May 2011

Finally an sign of an original film, so sick of re makes and these so called "Re boots", sorry but I refuse to believe that all the good film ideas have been done. Stop defiling classics, stop recycling Franchises and come up with some new, smart and original movies.

I mean is it really just me that's bored of paying money to see the same film over and over again, just with a different actor/actress or title. For example Jason Statham, how many occupations is he going to get through in his movie career? He has already punched and roundhouse kicked way through three transporter movies and The Mechanic, what's next The Plumber? The Electrician?
Im not hating on Jason Statham, its just that hes a prime specimen of a star that needs to go back to the beginning.

But my incessant rambling comes to no avail as this year movie goers are left to prepare for the likes of Connan The Barbarian,  The Three musketeers  and unbelievably Footlose.

Peace out!

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